Five on Friday

Happy Firday ladies.  Another week is in the books and I am going to celebrate by sharing some of my favorite things from the week.  I am heading to NYC for the weekend so I am excited to kick this weekend off!

One //  Spring Transition Pieces

Virginia has had some unseasonably warm days this week!  While I know it won't last (womp womp), it makes me excited for spring clothes.  This week we launched some amazing pieces that you'll be able to wear from now through spring, and they are giving me all the 😍.  So while it may get cold again soon, at least I can pretend it is warm with these light and airy spring colors.  

Two //  The Achievement Planner

A few months ago I realized I was juggling way too much and dropping way too many balls.  I kept trying to use my computer, but the reality is that it just wasn't work for me.  I decided that I needed to get serious about running a business, so I set out to find the best planner possible.  While this one may not be as pretty as some of the Erin Condrin ones 😫, it is loaded with organization.  Sometimes (but not very often) practicality wins.

Achievement Planner

Three// Pineapple Earrings

It’s not quite spring here, but these earrings make me feel like it is!  I cannot wait to pair these with some adorable spring outfits for a pop of color and fun.  They are light-weight and the perfect accessory to take you into spring and summer!

Four // Hello Fresh

Last week I talked about my love of Instacart and this week I wanted to talk about another amazing time saver.  We have been using Hello Fresh for over a year now and love it!  I had tried several different meal services before deciding that Hello Fresh was my favorite.  The meals are always easy and delicious.  I love knowing that I have all of the ingredients on hand (because I am the worst at forgetting one crucial ingredient).  The meals are even popular with my kids, and Lyla enjoys helping make them with me.  This week was Pineapple Poblano Tacos, they took 20 minutes to make and were incredible!

Click here to try Hello Fresh and save $40 on your first delivery!

Hello Fresh Meal Delivery ServiceHello Fresh Pineapple Poblano TacosHello Fresh Pineapple Poblano Tacos

Five // 7 Days Out

I don't have much time to sit and watch TV, and I very rarely get sucked into a series, but this one is incredible!  7 Days Out goes behind the scenes in the seven days leading up to major live events in the worlds of sports, fashion, space and food.  From the Chanel Fashion Show to the Kentucky Derby, you get a behind the scenes glimpse into what goes into these major events.  What I enjoyed the most about it was how inspiring and passionate these individuals are about what they do!  Seeing people care so deeply and believe in what they do is highly motivating!
So there you have, this is what I am loving this week!  What are you favorite things from this week?

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