5 Ways to Style White Jeans

Well I wrote this post late last night, and it got deleted, #tiredmom (can I just use this excuse all the time).  But so many of you ladies have reached out to me recently saying you have NEVER owned a pair of white jeans that I wanted to give some styling tips.  White jeans are truly one of my favorite closet accessories and something I wear year round, screw etiquette rules, and our jeans are truly the best in the entire world so if you haven't tried them before, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!


One // Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirt white jeans open toe bootieschambray shirt, white jeans coral clutch with hand strap

Chambray is my absolute favorite item to pair with white jeans.  It is such a simple, clean and classic look!  Chambray can be worn so many ways, but against white jeans, it just pops.  I always pair mine with my favorite Leopard Belt to help give it a subtle pattern and break up the look.  Throw on some arm candy and this is a look that you can easily wear anywhere, work, date night, church.  

Two // Pop of Color

Magenta v-neck blouse with white jeans and open toed camel bootiesMagenta v-neck blouse with white jeans and open toed camel booties

I love a pop of color and it is so easy to wear a bright top and balance it out with white jeans!  I always roll my white jeans just a touch at the bottom too to give a little break between your shoe and pants.  This will elongate your legs and also help if your jeans are the exact perfect length.  It's an easy way to get the length you need and look cute!  Again, accessories are what allow this outfit to go from day to night!

Three // Fun Sweaters

This goes with wearing white jeans year round.  You can wear anything you want year round honestly as long as you feel comfortable and confident.  LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN LADIES!!!  Wear whatever you want, whenever you want!  Confidence is the key to ANY outfit.  When you are ready for Spring though and the weather isn't, pairing a sweater with white jeans is an easy way to extend the wear of your sweaters.  Stick with a lighter color for a fresh look!

Four //  Neutral with a POP

If you have an accessory that you want to be the center of attention like our amazing Cara Coral Block Heel Sandals, pair them with white jeans and a neutral top.  The neutral top and bottom will help draw your eye down to the fabulous shoes which also helps you look more slender, and who doesn't want that!

black flutter lace sleeve top white jeans coral block heels

Five // Sex Appeal it Up

No doubt about it, white jeans can be sexy!  Don't be afraid to show a little skin and sex appeal.  Being a mom, older, heavier, etc doesn't define you!  Again, it's all about confidence.  Throw on a sexy tank top (my arms aren't skinny.....WHO CARES)  The only person who says you can't wear something is YOU, don't listen to her, throw on those white jeans, a sexy top and feel like a million bucks ladies  💋


PS-These two tops land tonight.  If you want to be extra special and have us hold one for you, just leave a comment below!  


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